Sportstown Soccer Shop


Established in 2015.

Sportstown Soccer Shop originally opened in 2001 as a part of the Sportstown BC Indoor Soccer & Tennis facility in Richmond, BC, but has now been opened as an independent family owned business by former Sportstown BC Assistant General Manager Craig Burnham. From 2001 to 2015 at Sportstown BC, Craig Burnham managed Sportstown Soccer Shop and their team of staff, serving the Richmond, South Delta, and South Vancouver soccer markets, as well as those traveling from further out to use the indoor facility.
With Sportstown BC's impending closure in December 2015, Craig relocated and opened Sportstown Soccer Shop on May 1st, 2015. Craig Burnham is a life-long passionate soccer player, coach, and supporter of the beautiful game and looks forward to driving his store to successfully serving the local soccer market for many, many years to come!